After a lifetime of committing herself to helping others Vilma found her passion lay with real estate. It allows her to pursue her dreams of continuing to help others and put a smile on their face. Vilma enjoys delving deep into every aspects of the real estate industry including previewing new properties to help fit her clients needs and check off those wish list items for their dream home. Continually upgrading her education and contract and negotiation skills, she is able to best serve her clients, friends, family and the community as a whole.

Vilma offers a higher level of service achieved through constant communication and accessibility, her vast knowledge of the industry and market availability, as well as preemptively dissolving challenges that may arise, leading to the smoothest possible transaction. Her goal is to make you feel as if you're shopping with a close friend, always looking out for your best interests. When not hunting for the best deal or negotiating the best price for her clients, Vilma makes Amesbury her home, and spends free time with her husband, their two children, and taking care of 2 loving pets.